Posted Dec 25th, 2017

Nabholz Industrial Services Implementing WrightPlan

Nabholz Industrial Services is a leading service provider for machinery installation and relocation, rigging, millwright, and maintenance support since 1992. In February 2015, they began implementing the WrightPlan solution...

Nabholz Industrial Services (NIS) is a leading service provider for machinery installation and relocation, rigging, millwright, and maintenance support since 1992.  In the past, the company had survived well by using Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to process proposals and estimates. However, as NIS grew, the spreadsheets and documents became larger and the updates for all the different operations became challenging.  “We searched far and wide looking for the right software for our business,” said Ben Montgomery, President of NIS, “but all we could find were systems built for the Construction industry and these were very cumbersome to use.”

Ben first found WrightPlan at an industry meeting and was intrigued by their “claim” that WrightPlan was designed for “their” business.  Several phone conversations and communications later, Ben watched the demo videos on the WrightPlan web site.  “That got me real interested,” he said. The next step was the custom demo,  “I got hooked! It is what they claim,” Ben said. “The system has so many functions and options that it really seems like a true Millwright/Rigger wrote the software.”

As NIS moves forward with WrightPlan they will have a much more streamlined job file system with all the documents related to each project truly in one “on-line” file.  The files and operating services are web base which means NIS has full access to all their files anywhere they can get internet service. “I expect the access to our entire estimating, proposals, invoicing, scheduling and job cost on-line will, by itself, improve the efficiency of us getting the proposals out to our clients,” said Ben. “None of our project managers are the fastest on the keyboard, thus not having to re-type the names, addresses, phone numbers and other duplicating information on every document will make life much easier.”

NIS began implementation in early February, 2015 and the experience has been “wonderful” to date.  “Every time we finish a session with the WrightPlan team, the Nabholz team debriefs and are just blown away with the power of WrightPlan and the people there that are getting us started,” said Ben.  “It appears that implementation is going to be far less of a challenge than I had anticipated.  That is good because we don’t have the time to waste.”

When asked about their experience with WrightPlan Inc., Ben said “The Company has been great.  WrightPlan was very patient with our slow movement in vetting out the other options.  There was never anything negative said about their competitors.  I think Michael [President of WrightPlan Inc.] knew we would be back to WrightPlan because there are no other competitors that have a system made for our business.  Others in the company have been very helpful and patient with us.  The folks at WrightPlan even impressed our IT folks in their ability to be flexible while customizing our system. Our IT folks are never impressed!”

“Change is here in our industry from a technology standpoint.  We are trying to stay ahead of it with this very proactive move,” Ben said. “I am truly excited about the implementation of WrightPlan in our company.”

For information on Nabholz Industrial Services please visit their website www.nabholz.com or contact Ben Montgomery at 501 217 5505.

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