Posted Dec 26th, 2017

Padgett Continues to Expand & Implements WrightPlan Software

Founded in New Albany, Indiana in 1962, Padgett, Inc. was created with the goal to bring the job- crane rental, machinery moving, rigging, steel fabrication and erection- from planning to completion with one call.

Over the next 20 years, Padgett built a strong reputation on the fair treatment of customers and employees that contributed to massive growth: and in 1982, they expanded their fabrication and warehousing facilities. This expansion allowed Padgett to better meet their customers’ expectations by providing quality goods while keeping material and labor cost low. Now, Padgett offers by far the largest, most technologically-advanced services in their area, and their machinery and rigging divisions handle more machinery and equipment in one month than most companies do in a year.

In 2015, Padgett decided it was again time to expand their customer experience and build on their “best in class” reputation by purchasing the WrightPlan software. Before WrightPlan, Padgett QA Manager Randy Allen said the staff used multiple Microsoft Excel, word documents, PDFs and various drawings/pictures to provide job quotes to their clients. Duplicate documents and a lack of integration was a challenge to efficiency. The main issue with this system was the ease of navigation: especially when dealing with estimators who weren’t computer literate. “The primary reason we purchased the WrightPlan software was to have a common base to work from,” Randy said. WrightPlan would give them the power to standardize on one integrated system to create a consistent, repeatable process in Quoting through to Job control and scheduling.

The WrightPlan features were very specific to Padgett’s job quoting needs. Randy says the software had a lot of features their staff could put to good use, from Quoting and Estimating to scheduling to invoicing; but the main benefit was the software’s ability to track a project all the way through, from quote to work order, and finally to job completion. This was an obvious fit with Padgett’s goal to handle projects in-house from start to finish. “It helped to get everyone on the same playing field. In addition, WrightPlan gave Padgett the ability to track bids won and lost, and list/schedule manpower in the shop and in the field. It was an unintended and beneficial by-product that Padgett saw a streamline in the workflow of their staff as a result.

The WrightPlan software gives Padgett an industry edge by providing customized branding opportunities and features in their bids. Allen says dealing with Michael Cox, WrightPlan’s CEO, was always a positive experience. “The WrightPlan team was always accommodating in considering and integrating special ideas we had,” Allen said. “Mike was always back in touch quickly and available for our questions. But what sold us on the team was that on top of doing online training, they also came down to meet with us face to face to walk us through everything.” By the end of the first day of training on site, the estimators were sending out all their Quotes from WrightPlan.

If you’re ready for an outstanding customer experience like Randy’s, contact Mike Cox today. To learn more about Padgett Inc, check them out online!

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