Posted Dec 28th, 2017

WrightPlan helps Axiom Millwrighting & Fabrication run more efficiently!

A happy customer is a loyal one: so it’s no surprise that Axiom Millwrighting and Fabrication has the highest praise for their longstanding partnership with WrightPlan. Established in 2003, Axiom is a full service millwrighting contractor that provides installation, maintenance, and design of industrial equipment throughout the US and Canada.

Their team of certified trades workers have a broad range of capabilities and are constantly striving to be the best; as a result, Axiom has become a leader in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, and one of the largest non-union Millwrighting and Fabrication companies in North America.

Eight years ago, WrightPlan CEO Michael Cox approached Axiom’s founder Dwayne Cormier about  industry specific software. At the time the Axiom team was using Microsoft Access to organize job tasks, but the capability of the system was limited.  “For one, we had no way to access work orders remotely,” Dwayne said. WrightPlan offered all kinds of increased functionality including reporting, remote access to job details, and most importantly communication between all levels of personnel.  “The software is customized to suit the needs of our team,” said Joe Sferrazza Axiom’s CEO. “It’s intuitive, and conducive to the way our estimators think. Our dispatch finds it easier because it’s geared to the way they think, too.”  Joe said the ease of navigation helped him to jump from one job to another, and to have better organization for staff scheduling including time off and sick days, as well as an overview of their availability.

Dwayne said WrightPlan’s customized training made it easy for every level of personnel to understand and implement the software.“What was beneficial in those initial stages was WrightPlan’s ability to work with the complete team and staff,” Dwayne said. "They were flexible to our needs, and always open to customizing the software to fit the requirements of the company.”  The ongoing in-house and online training and support has helped Axiom immensely in keeping their team in-the-know about new developments and changes to improve their workflow and process. “WrightPlan has been very flexible in responding to the learning needs of our team,” Dwayne said.

Axiom’s success has been built on cultivating trusted partnerships with their clients. The pride and integrity they deliver is a value they see mirrored in the way WrightPlan treats their clients, too. “Mike and his team are always responsive and helpful, and have that sense of urgency when we need to figure something out,” Joe said. “His team really knows their industry, and we trust their knowledge base.” Dwayne also said that Mike and the WrightPlan team are always looking to improve. “They keep ahead of innovation in technology and software, and ensure that we’re always up to date with the newest advancements.”

Axiom prides themselves on working smarter with each task, and evolving their work flow as they go to maximize their resources. Dwayne and Joe agreed that WrightPlan has been key to this continued improvement in efficiency. Dwayne said that WrightPlan’s openness to work with their team, and customize the software to respond to the needs of his company as it grew , has been the most outstanding facet of their partnership.  Joe said that the software’s intuitive design allows them the continued ability to update and reinvent. “Most of all it helps us to run our business more efficiently. It ensures that as the business grows, I can continue to have total control over the whole picture.”

If your business is ready to improve your efficiency with WrightPlan software, contact Mike today. To learn more about Axiom, visit their website.

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