Posted Dec 29th, 2017

Team Players: WrightPlan’s Commitment to The Game

Part of our commitment at WrightPlan is to take the worry out of managing business so you have time to focus on important issues. One of the issues that’s important to me is family.

Many of our employees here at WrightPlan have families to support, and futures to think about: and with the predictions that the next generation will have a shorter life expectancy than us, we’re all interested in creating healthier lives for our families.

According to the Centre for Disease Control, (http://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/obesity/facts.htm) Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.  In an ironic way, kids are more plugged in now than ever, but more disconnected from their environment and their physical health. Companies such as Nestle’s Good Food, Good Life Program and Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Program, have made it a priority to encourage and support physical activity in children and their families. I felt it was important as a business owner to prioritize the issue of active living as well.

WrightPlan has started small, in our own backyards, by sponsoring local sports teams that our employees and their children are a part of. One example is The Twin Cities Predators of the Twin Cities Football Club, where our sponsorship money helps with things like league costs, field rentals, equipment costs, and game jerseys. “It’s an immense source of pride to earn your predator jersey,” said Jeff Steinman, Project Manager at WrightPlan and a Twin Cities Predators coach. “Over 50 Twin Cities Predator players have gone on to play in the CIS (Canadian University football) such as Beau Landry with The Hamilton Tiger Cats.” This gives team mates, like Jeff’s son, motivation to keep their grades up, and their eye on a university education. “In a ‘me first’ world,” said Jeff, “Jake has learned that he’s part of something bigger than himself, and his individual accomplishments aren’t as important as team success.” Jeff admits that coaching has brought a great deal of meaning to his life as well: “There is a different bond with coaching football than other sports because of the physical nature. You are with your players for such a long time in a year they become like additional sons. “

Ensuring low-income families have access to football is also a priority for the Twin Cities Predators sponsorship money. “Anyone who wants to play should be able to,” said Jeff. This is true for another organization we support: the Shamuon Generation of Martial Arts, where WrightPlan’s Senior Software Developer Ryan, his wife, and his two daughters are members. “The sponsorship goes a long way to cover trophies, medals and other costs associated with our final tournament, which happens at the end of May,” Ryan said. He also added that the sponsorship allows the club to keep entries low so all members of the club can afford to attend.

Recently, WrightPlan has also become a sponsor of Waterloo Minor Soccer, where my own son Andrew plays. Like Jeff, I believe that the benefits my children get from being unplugged and tuned into others is especially important.  These contributions are an important investment for WrightPlan since local kids have the chance to experience a team-oriented, health-focused lifestyle they otherwise might not have access to.

This is just the first of many initiatives to come from our company. Stay tuned for more ways we’re making an impact. We’ll see you at the next game!

Michael Cox is WrightPlan’s CEO, and a frequent coach of minor sports including Minor Soccer and Minor Hockey, although he has been known to just warm the bleachers sometimes.

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