Posted Dec 31st, 2017

Riteway Chose the Right Way with WrightPlan!

Trail is a beautiful city in the West Kootenay Region of B.C., and home to Riteway Mechanical Repairs. 

Though the City is small (with a population of less than 8,000 people),  with surrounding communities there is a total population of approximately 30,000 people, that encompass a Smelter, Pulp Mill, Sawmill, Veneer plant , Recycling facilities , and numerous Cities, Villages, and Regional Districts.

Started in Trail in 1996, Riteway has been involved in the mechanical industrial, and commercial sectors: The scope of Riteway’s work is far reaching, with repairs, sales, installation simple or complex, in their office or yours, their varied jobs are always characterized by careful attention to safety and high quality workmanship. Their customer plant shutdown and or supplemental crew service and longstanding support relationships offering all mechanical trades such as but not limited to  millwrights, welders, pipefitters, have been a great source of client retention; in addition, Riteway’s experience and preferred contractor status within the Teck Metals industry help them stand out from competitors.

When the small company’s success began to outgrow their workflow, Riteway knew it was time to implement a system that could help them better manage incoming jobs. “Before WrightPlan, I was managing Excel spreadsheets for myself and, well, you know how that goes,” said Leonn Wilcox, Riteway’s Office Administrator. “With 8 people accessing and making changes to the same document, I was spending a lot of time trying to figure out changes.” Leonn said WrightPlan offered a more secure system that their whole team could access: and at the end of the job, the information they got was more reliable. “We never have to ask where the information is, or if it’s accurate.”

Because of the British Columbia pricing structure, Leonn said the software had to be customized to fit their company’s needs. The changes they required, such as modifying the percentage fields to fixed costs and generating cost reports, proved to be “no problem” for the WrightPlan team. “Any time we needed something changed, they would get right on it,” Leonn said. “If they couldn’t solve it immediately, the change we required would be in the next software build.”

Riteway is a smaller company in comparison to some of WrightPlan’s larger clients, mentioned Leonn, adding that the roll out of the software was slow to start. She added that the in-person training from Jeff Steinman (Project Manager at WrightPlan) and follow up support was a great help to their team. “Since some of the development team weren’t really computer savvy and the learning curve was steep, having Jeff here to verbalize to them was a big help. I’d definitely recommend it to others businesses of our size. If I had any advice to people purchasing the software, it would be to get them in right away for training!” She also added that webinars for training and new releases are informative to explain new and even existing features of the program they have not explored.    

Leonn said WrightPlan’s Linda Munroe, who has been Riteway’s go-to for support, has been “really great to deal with… Having that support meant I didn’t have to figure it all out myself.” With all that spare time, Riteway is free to support their local hockey organizations, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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