Posted Jan 2nd, 2018

4 Ways to Sell Your Team on Your Workflow Management Software

So, you’re integrating online software that will help to streamline your workflow. Good for you! The advantages to you as an employer are numerous. You can now gain total insight into your win rate on bids, your sales pipeline, management of your schedule, and so much more.  But will your employees be as excited about the change?

Asking your staff to make the switch over to a system which requires more transparency and accountability may be met with some resistance. So how can you sell them on the update without affecting levels of trust and confidence in their work? Easy! It’s all in how you pitch it. Here are a few helpful tips to get buy-in from your team:

1.    SAVE TIME DOING PAPERWORK: Paperwork can be time consuming and tiring. Using online organizing software is a much more efficient system, since half the work is already done.  Customized templates and built-in databases allow both ease of use and speed of workflow.  They can also help to simplify multi-tiered tasks. This will free up your employee’s time so they can focus on work tasks and organize a more effective work day.

2.    GET ORGANIZED ON-THE-GO: With an online system, there is no software for your team to install. As long as they have access to the Internet and a mobile device, they’ll have all forms and job information available.  This means they’ll have access to important job information on-site, and from multiple job sites simultaneously. This also means easy access if the customer wants to discuss details of the project, so you don’t have to track them down from someone else’s computer.

3.    IMPROVE TEAM COMMUNICATION: Software that tracks the progress of each job’s tasks and crew members ensures shared work distribution. This can contribute to an increase in goodwill and loyalty among the team. Alerts and notifications help staff to stay up to date on the progress of a job from multiple work sites, so everyone’s always working from the same playing field.

4.    PROTECT YOURSELF: Using templates with built-in legal disclaimers can give the client critical information that clarifies what your team members are (and aren’t) responsible for. It’s also useful to have a log of each team member’s activity, which can be useful in case there are any discrepancies with the client.

Hold a staff meeting with nothing else on the agenda except your “pitch.” Give the team a full demo of the software, and give them donuts. Everyone likes donuts. Lead with the features that will benefit them. Welcome their questions, and encourage them to continue to ask after implementation is in place. Make sure to let them know: streamlining your workflow is a sure-fire way to make your business prosper, and when the business does well it’s good for everyone.

Ok, so you’ve gotten them to buy into the software…good job!  But then one of your managers says, “Yes I see how this software will work in a rigging, millwright or machinery moving business.  BUT how do we get our people to change?  How can we ensure they will actually use the software and it won’t just sit there on the shelf collecting dust?!”

Uggghhh!  And you thought you had the battle won!  Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll explore two proven approaches to getting buy in and avoiding the problem of your new software becoming shelfware!

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