Posted Jan 3rd, 2018

From One Small Company with a Big Reputation to Another: Lawson Drayage’s Partnership with WrightPlan

Lawson Drayage knows a thing or two about machinery and high-tech handling. Started in 1919 with a buckboard and a horse, Lawson’s early days involved bringing fuel up and down San Francisco’s Market Street.

Today, they offer a range of services, such as millwrighting and storage, and work with a broad range of clients in areas such as the machine and tool industry and the Aerospace and Defense industry. With a focus on the quality and safety of their work, and on building valued relationships, they’ve become one of the oldest and most respected in their field in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Being in a niche service market, Lawson is always looking for a way to stand out from their competitors. The company’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their clients, as well as respond to new and budding industries, has led to their slow and steady growth; it’s also what led them to find the WrightPlan system a little over a year ago. “The program we were using to provide quotes had been developed by a staff member. But it was outdated, developed over 25 years ago, and was no longer compatible with our current client’s needs,” said Patrick Lawson, Vice President of Lawson Drayage. Patrick said their old system couldn’t be accessed remotely and was difficult to share between staff members. “We’ve seen a drastic change in the last ten years in how clients were accessing information with iPhones and iPads. Having a system that was compatible with their needs was a necessary upgrade for us.” Patrick said it’s given them a definite competitive advantage.

One of the greatest features WrightPlan software offered Lawson Drayage was the quoting application itself, and its ability to make processes more efficient. “The timing has definitely improved,” said Patrick. “If we need a quote changed its 30 seconds of work -- piece of cake.” Patrick also noted the time they’re saving in organizing current and past quotes and jobs, and in not duplicating old records and entering data more than once.

Recently Lawson took delivery of the new WrightPlan Accounting Integration Module, and are now able to connect their invoices directly into their accounting system.

The Lawson team is still finding out about all the many features available to them with the system. In order to learn, they’re using WrightPlan’s online training whenever they can which Patrick said is very useful and easy to understand. When asked about WrightPlan’s customer support, Patrick mentioned he always has a great experience. “Linda has been the best. She’s always available to help us with on-the-job training… [they’re also] a small staff like us: so you always get the feeling that they’re available and amenable to your needs.”

Do you live in the Nevada or San Francisco Area? Find out more about Lawson Drayage and how they can help with all your valuable machinery handling needs!

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