Posted Jan 5th, 2018

Death to the Data Entry Disasters with WrightPlan’s New QuickBooks Accounting Integration

One key focus for the WrightPlan team is building strong customer support relationships. That means we’re consistently gathering feedback and releasing innovative features, add ons, and versions of the core software to reflect emergent issues and best practices within the millwrighting, rigging, machinery moving and crane industries.

It’s a simple equation we take a lot of pride in: as the needs of our clients change, so does the product we’ve created to make their lives easier. Our most recent example is the release of our accounting integration module with QuickBooks accounting software.

Here was a scenario we heard repeatedly: Project Managers were using the WrightPlan software to handle their quoting and jobs. Then one of two scenarios were common:

In larger companies the PM would instruct an admin person to create the invoice in WrightPlan, print it out, place it on their desk so they could review/edit it, hand it back to admin where they could “fix” the invoice in WrightPlan and send it to the client.  To streamline this process, the invoice in WrightPlan can now be assigned to a person. So now the admin person can assign the invoice to the PM who receives an email notification and task, can then review and edit the invoice in WrightPlan and assign it back to the admin person to send to the customer.  Saves time and trees!

The PM would create the invoice in WrightPlan, send it to the client, print a copy and hand it to admin.

The next step was for admin to manually enter the invoice into QuickBooks: a duplication of data entry that left all kinds of room for error. Sound familiar?

If your business is using QuickBooks to manage your business’ accounting, this new module can optimize your workflow in all kinds of ways. Here are a few:


If you hate bookkeeping, you’re not alone. According to a TD Bank survey, 46% of small business owners find it to be their most hated task. But with our new integration, the transfer of all your financial information, from every quote and invoice, happens automatically. Whether you have a small or large client base with one general ledger or one hundred, this can help you mitigate a number of risks associated with manual data entry.

Human errors where numbers are concerned are far more common and costly than most business owners realize. Frequent number errors include decimal points in the wrong place and transposition errors (for example, 1181 instead of 1811). We think any process that reduces stress and frustration come tax time is a useful one!


While there are a number of pro tips that will help your staff become less prone to dreaded data entry faux pas, absolutely nothing beats automation. Not only do you save having to pay for staff to input and manage records; in addition, you also save on unnecessary staff trainings. That’s good for your wallet in the short and long term, too. With this reliable information about your finances, you can track your overall yearly income and expenses more easily. This allows you to make more informed decisions about the day to day operations of your business, strategize marketing plans or advertising campaigns for slower times of year, et cetera.


More and more businesses (currently around 37%, with numbers expected to climb to 78% by 2020) are using cloud based financial services for both the convenience of having all their information at their fingertips no matter what remote location they’re working in. But does that mean everyone will have access to your QuickBooks account? Don’t worry. With WrightPlan’s integration, your staff can help you keep the front end of your QuickBooks records organized, and you won’t have to hand over any confidential client records, passwords or financial information.

Is your business ready to reap the benefits of our newest release? Let us know, we’re happy to help!

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