Posted Jan 6th, 2018

WrightPlan: Meehan’s Industrial Secret Weapon in Saving Time

High-quality and professional are two words often associated with Meehan’s Industrial. Founded in Milton in 1980, Meehan’s Industrial has become one of Ontario’s leading millwright and fabrication contractors by offering skilled millwrights, fabricators, designers and engineers and dependable workmanship on complex projects.

Over the past 30 years, Meehan’s has worked with companies across North America to build valuable relationships and deliver cost-effective solutions, while consistently staying true to their vision as a family-run business to deliver tailored attention to each client.

One key strategy to the company’s success has been their ability to respond to the changing demands of their industry, and to continually improve their processes. As a part of this strategy, Meehan’s decided 5 YEARS AGO to purchase WrightPlan’s software. “Before WrightPlan, [our team] was using Excel to generate quotes: but we were finding it too cumbersome,” explained Jason Mote, General Manager of Meehan’s Industrial. “Especially when we were recreating a similar quote: we would have to start from scratch. It was like reinventing the wheel over and over again.” Jason noted the time saved has been one of the most outstanding features of the software, as is the web based access Meehan’s sales team is able to have. “Our [estimators and sales staff] are very rarely in the office. Before [WrightPlan], all the information was stored on the office server, so it’s given them more flexibility… now, if they need anything they can get information and update the system from anywhere.” In addition, the stored history WrightPlan software offers has saved the Meehan’s team a great amount of time, Jason said.  They can pull up past quotes, copy them and make changes to create new quotes. “Now instead of starting over, we only have to make minor changes and updating to our quotes,” said Jason.  

The ability to generate timely quotes has given Meehan’s a definite competitive edge, Jason explained: and in an industry that’s highly fragmented with many competitors, that advantage has proven both necessary and successful. “The likelihood we’ll get a quote is higher because our process is faster and we’re able to deliver a quote right way.” Jason also said the ease of use is an equally attractive feature for their team, referencing the continual updates and new releases WrightPlan offers. Jason explained that because the system is exceptionally user friendly, the learning curve for new features and team members is never steep.

Just like Meehan’s continually evolving service, WrightPlan’s regular software updates are indicative of their commitment to respond to their industry as well: a fact which Jason admitted was another contributing factor to their purchasing decision. “There didn’t seem to be any one offering a similar kind of product [to the one WrightPlan offered]. We frequently get calls from companies that confuse us with a manufacturing facility. The business we’re in is service based, not product based. We didn’t have to explain that to Mike or his team,” Jason said, referring to Michael Cox, WrightPlan’s CEO. “He really knows the industry well, and understands what we do.” When asked about the customer service they’ve had with WrightPlan, Jason said, “I have no complaints! The fact that we haven’t had to use their customer support often is a testament to how user friendly it is.”

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