Posted Jan 8th, 2018

Innovation: Our Customer Service Superpower

From a regional high-tech handling company to a multi-national rigging firm, the needs of our client base are incredibly diverse. Though WrightPlan offers a host of various features, the way each client uses our software is specific to their needs. That’s why we consider it crucial to develop strong one-on-one relationships with every customer.

Developed in consultation with millwrights, riggers, and other experts from the fields, WrightPlan is a unique quoting and estimating software option because of this customizable framework. Our industry knowledge is what sets us apart; not only can we understand current challenges and frustrations, but we can develop long-range plans that address our client’s future needs. In other words, we don’t just deliver what they’re looking for, but anticipate a solution for a problem they didn’t know could be fixed. As such, the WrightPlan IT department is always in the midst of development. Staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and changes in practice ensures that our team can offer insight into alternate ways to accomplish new goals, which often include optimizing work flows and creating unanticipated savings of both time and money!

Through our in-depth training, follow up and extensive customer support, we receive ongoing input about our product’s implementation and integration from our clients. It’s a typical scene to stop by our Waterloo-based office and find us working through potential solutions for an issue that’s been brought to our attention. Take Nabholz Industrial Services, for example. In talking to Robert Crotts, Nabholz’ Business Development Officer, he pointed out that their Project Managers used to manually enter information from confirmed quotes (generated in the WrightPlan software) into their accounting system (Sage 300 software). Our solution? Brainstorm with Nabholz and develop a custom-built accounting integration that would populate the needed information into their Sage 300 software. This saved Nabholz the double entry. Our field solutions online app is another recent development, which was created in response to the need for an offline timesheet and field reporting submission option for team members in the field.

Finding the time it takes to effectively build quality client relationships can be a challenge. One report claims that the average business loses at least 20% of its annual business due to this challenge. But for WrightPlan, its part of the fabric of what we’ve built. It’s specifically because of this ongoing dialogue with them that we’ve been able to create the product and the expertise we have. We literally could not have done it without their insight and inspiration along the way!  

I’m incredibly proud of the level of engagement from our entire team. I value their input and expertise; it’s because of their insight we’ve been able to integrate emergent technologies and recent best practices in order to effectively devise such interesting solutions over the past 8 YEARS.

When you’re ready to work together to develop the custom solution your business needs, let us know. We’ll have the white board and IT department ready for you.

Michael Cox is CEO of WrightPlan

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