Posted Jan 9th, 2018

Custom-Fit Expansion: Nabolz' Growing Partnership with WrightPlan

Nabholz began as a small construction company in 1949. Since then, under their commitment to provide innovative service to both clients and communities, Nabholz has built an impeccable reputation as a national multi-service contractor offering a full range of construction, industrial, civil, and environmental services.

In an effort to streamline the work processes in their Industrial Services Division in February 2015, Nabholz implemented the WrightPlan solution. One reason Nabholz Industrial Services was hooked right away was the functions that were so specific, “it really seems like a Millwright/Rigger wrote the software,” said Ben Montgomery, President of Nabholz Industrial Services; another big selling point was ease of use. Robert Crotts, their Business Development Officer, said that this solution has helped their 4 industrial services locations and 20 users stay connected and on the same page, seamlessly for the last 18 months.

It was a natural fit that Nabholz turned to WrightPlan to similarly streamline their workflow within their construction services division. “With 60 users in 9 different locations, we really needed a collaborative and consistent solution for processing projects,” said Robert. “It was a much more aggressive implementation [than that of our Industrial Division]: getting buy-in from all the staff and getting them switched over was a challenge. However, in the past year of integration, they’ve seen how it makes their lives easier. Now they’re all on board.”

“The entire team at WrightPlan is incredibly adaptable to customization, and fine tune everything to your company.”

Robert said the mobile capabilities have been the biggest selling feature in that department, as they’ve optimized work flow between team members immensely. The option to submit timesheets through WrightPlan’s Field Solutions APP means Nabholz staff can upload their daily reports to invoice right from the site. “It will save us the extra paperwork between team members in the field and Project Managers, and is a much more efficient and cost effective solution for us.”

The integration between WrightPlan’s solution and Nabholz’ Sage 300 accounting software has also been a timesaver. “Before, the communication between our invoicing and the Sage software had to be set up manually: now, that exchange of information is taken care of for us.” Robert said this was an integration custom-built for them through the WrightPlan and Nabholz IS teams working together. “I’m not a computer guy, so this kind of responsive strategy has definitely made my life a lot easier. Where we had a problem, WrightPlan came up with an idea and made it possible.”

When asked about the customer service offered by WrightPlan, Robert emphasized how impressed he was with the PM and software development team. “This group of IT guys is some of the best I’ve ever worked with. They get all their smart people in a room, throw the problem on the white board, and work through it until they’ve come up with a solution. They really seem to enjoy the challenge! I’ve never seen an IT group like this: you can see it in their faces, and hear it in their tone. Best of all, they all have that level of engagement and buy in for your business. It’s actually pretty exciting.”

When your business is ready for the exciting, custom-fit approach that the dedicated WrightPlan team has to offer, give our President Michael Cox a call today!

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