Posted Jan 10th, 2018

It’s All H-APP-ening: New Field Solutions APP at WrightPlan makes collecting information easier and more efficient

One of the key features we hear that our clients appreciate most about WrightPlan’s software is having the information they need at their fingertips at all times. Whether they’re dispatching heavy machinery to job sites, making last minute scheduling changes, or looking to expedite a quote while working out of town, having that unrestricted access to their operational systems with the full online package WrightPlan offers is a huge industry advantage.

Our lives, including our businesses, happen more on mobile devices now than ever before. According to one study, over half of an average adult’s daily Internet consumptions is spent on mobile devices. In addition, smart phone users spend more than 80% of their time on apps. That’s why our team has been hard at work developing a new technology solution to enhance remote capabilities in the field: and as a result, we’re proud to be releasing a new mobile app… Field Solutions!

The businesses who use our software within the crane & rigging, millwright and machinery moving industry have skilled workers in the field, some going to remote locations without cell service.  Collecting timesheets, submitting safety check lists, customer sign offs, and even submitting pictures in a timely manner makes everyone’s job easier and support a more efficient business.  This is what our new Field Solutions mobile APP does.

Here are a few key features of our new mobile app that provide optimized workflow on both accounts:

  • Collect timesheets
  • Upload pictures from the job site
  • Have the job instructions on your smart phone
  • Fill out accident, incident, and safety check reports
  • … and more!

Whether you’re online or not, the new Field Solutions APP will have the information you need to perform the job and collect the data you need. When you’re back in cell service range, the APP automatically submits the data to your WrightPlan system.  It’s that easy.

We’ve also created the ability for you to have customized forms that can be completed right from your phone while you’re still at the job site. Having the ability to submit the job information in real-time gives you the ability to streamline the whole process, while also reducing problems associated with the delay in getting the paperwork to the office.  This not only saves you time, but offers a new level of professionalism - so in addition to optimizing your functionality, you’re also reinforcing your brand visibility as an industry leader.

What makes WrightPlan’s Field Solutions APP  distinct is the same thing that characterizes every other service we offer: its features are customized to the specifics needs we know our clients are looking for.

While the Field Solutions APP won’t see its official launch until December, good news: if you’re a current client of WrightPlan software, you get to try it for free starting now! Contact our President Michael Cox to learn more today.

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