Posted Jan 12th, 2018

If you’re looking for a rigging company that has the resources to move an entire power plant, Omega Riggers and Erectors is up for the job. As the top millwright and machinery moving company for Seattle Metro, they’re known industry-wide for their record of safe and efficient practices. In short, Omega always keeps a diligent focus on quality in everything they do.

Since purchasing WrightPlan’s software 4 years ago, Omega has grown significantly. “Over 50%,” said Wes Cotter, Omega’s President. Part of this success, according to Wes, is due to the structure and organization that WrightPlan’s software has afforded their team.

One major facet of this structure is related to the robust scheduling functions of the software. “The scheduling options have definitely helped us get organized,” said Wes: “and the fluency between teams has saved us a lot of time.” The flexibility of having a central online system has given Omega the flexibility to manage projects, people and equipment from literally anywhere in the world. “If I’m on vacation for example, and [someone] needs an approval, I can log on my phone and ensure everything is covered.” Before, Wes said, he had to access a server remotely which was time consuming and often incompatible with his phone’s Wi-Fi. The fact “everyone has [access] to quotes when they need them, has also saved the team a lot of time,” said Wes.

The centralized system has also been an advantage for Omega team members, so they can work with clients in real-time from the job site. “As long as [the team has] Wi-Fi and there are jobs waiting, we can get the [client] what they’ve asked for right away… from the field.” Wes explained that access to the customizable templates is also a distinct advantage to underscore the consistency and quality of the Omega brand in a competitive market. “Everyone’s quotes are the same,” he said. “To take that quote from an estimate to dispatch without having to re-type it: [that function] is there. It’s definitely created a much more cohesive workforce between my colleagues and my estimators.”

Wes talked about the ability to view the status of quotes and get an overview of winning and losing quotes as a distinct benefit also. “It’s great to see dollar amounts quoted.” And while Wes admitted that the system Omega was using before did give them the ability to look at weeks in review as the WrightPlan software does, that system became scattered and hard to organize. WrightPlan’s customer service and “training has helped us to become more efficient,” said Wes.

If you’re looking for the same cohesion, convenience and consistency that Omega Riggers and Erectors has had, call WrightPlan today!

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