Posted Jan 12th, 2018

Data Entry Dream Come True with WrightPlan’s QuickBooks Integration

Up until now, your sales team had to note all of the quote information from the client and pass it all along to your administrator to draft the invoice. Then the administrator had to send copies of those invoices – likely hard copies – to the sales person to review, whom then sent the marked up copies back to the administrator whom then passed the final versions to the bookkeeper to be entered into the accounting system. This process, although standard, isn’t efficient, and it leaves a lot of room for error. There are other things that your administrators and bookkeeper could be working on other than baseline data entry.

Administrators and data entry staff have no spare time. You tackled all of the admin duty when you started up, so you know this for fact. They are the backbone of the business, the glue that holds everything together, and they have your utmost respect. They are doing the tasks you can’t stand, and they do it well. We love administrators, and we would like to reduce data entry, but most of all we love efficiency. That’s why we integrated WrightPlan with QuickBooks.

We’ve designed this integration to allow your team to work entirely through WrightPlan. With WrightPlan’s QuickBooks integration your sales team creates the invoice information directly from WrightPlan, wherever they are from the information that already exists in WrightPlan. And WrightPlan automatically takes care of the rest. That’s it. Done. We’ve been using the integration internally since October 1, 2016 and to say our bookkeeper is a fan is putting it mildly.

Our interface with QuickBooks is smooth. WrightPlan’s invoices are completely customizable allowing you to draft invoices that reflect your pre-existing database details. All of the accounts that your invoices are attached to in QuickBooks are mapped to WrightPlan to eliminate any back and forth, cutting down on a great deal of time and data entry errors. Set up is simple because we take care of that for you as part of the service.

Never worry again about duplicate entries. WrightPlan compares new customers to established customers in your database on multiple points of reference including, but not limited to, name and address to catch spelling errors and to avoid duplicates. Plus WrightPlan will check to ensure the customer exists in QuickBooks. If it doesn’t, WrightPlan creates it in QuickBooks for you.

Since our integration is seamless, you can also void invoices in WrightPlan and they automatically become void in QuickBooks. And because we love efficiency so much we created a 1-touch invoice reissue button.

WrightPlan works constantly and consistently to provide our customers with the latest technology on simplistic terms to improve internal processes wherever possible. For more information about our QuickBooks integration and how WrightPlan can work for you, call us at (519) 489-2320.

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