Posted Jan 14th, 2018

Who Do You Call When Lightning Melts Your Server? WrightPlan!

It was a dark and stormy night when a bolt of lightning hit the building and fried the server, paralyzing the entire company from the inside out. The following morning WrightPlan CEO Michael Cox was in his kitchen brewing his first cup of coffee when the phone rang at 6:30 a.m.

“Is there anything you can do?” The Estimating Manager on the other end of the line pleaded.

“Yes, we can!” Mike jumped into action, rallied the WrightPlan team and 2 hours later the customer’s entire WrightPlan system was back up and running.

It may sound like a work of fiction, but this is a true story. At the time the servers and network at Axiom Millwrighting & Fabrication were destroyed by a lightning strike, the WrightPlan system was installed on Axiom’s own internal server. Fortunately Axiom had been conducting nightly back-ups and thus the WrightPlan team were able to access that previous night’s data. WrightPlan’s support team spun up a temporary server on their own cloud server for a few days and the only thing that changed for Axiom was they now accessed their system via a different link in their browser. This temporary site was kept live until Axiom’s new on-site servers were up and running. Thus Axiom was able to provide continuous service to their own customers while their system was being replaced.

Since the lightning strike Axiom has moved to the cloud. Although any hardware could conceivably get “struck by lightning,” by their very nature the virtual server never skips a beat and service is very, very rarely interrupted. In case that extreme “lighting strike” interruption does occur, all of the customers WrightPlan hosts have the added piece of mind of knowing we take nightly back-ups of their data. This provides extra-strength security and availability in case of emergency.

Lawson Drayage hired a new Information Technology service to support their company who, due to unforeseen circumstances, locked up the system’s database. Staff couldn’t log in to WrightPlan to access client information, quotes, jobs or to process orders. They couldn’t do anything. As a WrightPlan customer they had full access to our support team, and within a couple hours we had their team logged back in.

WrightPlan’s customer service goes beyond streamlining your quoting, job management, and invoicing process. When you need us, we’re there. Axiom and Lawson Drayage knew they could count on us first thing in the morning for help. We guarantee we’ll support you as part of our customer service plan, and we’ll work with your IT service team to ensure smooth operations. Our customer service comes first and when the worst happens, your work and your customers are our top priority. Even if it means we set up a temporary server for your system on our cloud.

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