Posted Jan 16th, 2018

WrightPlan HQ: Workplace Wellness

If you’ve ever spoken to one of our team members – in person, on the phone, or via email – you’ve likely noticed that we’re a lively bunch. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Is WrightPlan really just that excited to work with software solutions? Do they drink coffee all day long? I thought software offices were just a bunch of people trapped in cubicles all day.”

The truth is that not only do we love what we do – engaging with our clients and making the quoting, scheduling and whole processes pain-free – we also work hard to build and maintain a healthy work environment because our internal atmosphere and the health of our team directly relates to you. Stellar customer service is a great source of pride for us. We’re constantly working towards complete corporate success. And right now that’s easier than ever to do!

You may have heard that we go the extra mile to treat our customers like family, in which case it will come as no surprise to discover we treat our family with great care. Physical activity is, as ever, a big deal in our overall health and wellness. And it’s kind of difficult to incorporate a healthy amount of exercise if you’re chained to a desk in a cubicle all day. WrightPlan HQ is laid out with roomy private offices and we tend to leave our doors open to promote a community atmosphere and provide easy access to teamwork. It’s also equipped with a comfy staff lounge and, yes, you will find coffee there along with a supply of herbal teas and other brain food. Everyone has ample space to move around in, we’re fortunate to have a cubicle-free space, and we’ve been known to take off for a walk along beautiful downtown Waterloo. We’ve even had room enough to bring a personal trainer to give us all a chance to:

  • Get together socially and bond with each other, strengthening our communication skills and our comfort levels so that we’re at our best to tackle any challenge together.
  • Achieve our personal mental and physical health and wellness goals.
  • Have some fun!
  • Provide you with fun Facebook videos! to watch some dead bug action and tension-band side steps!

WrightPlan is proud to extend our healthy work mentality to our families and community. Recently WrightPlan sponsored our team member Jeff’s son Jake’s football team, the Predator Bantam OVFL 2017, affiliated with the Waterloo Warriors and linked with Canadian university football. Go Predators! WrightPlan also sponsored the Generation Martial Arts Championships Kung Fu tournament in May 2017 at Conestoga College featuring our very own Ryan’s wife, Joy, who placed first in weapons, forms, and sparring, and daughters Navilyn, age 8 who placed 4th in weapons and 3rd in sparring, and Kayleigh, age 6 who placed 1st in sparring. Ryan and his son, Lochlann, cheered the ladies on fiercely throughout the competition!

Take advantage of our invigorated team of specialists and let us help you problem solve your toughest quoting, scheduling and field data collection problems! Contact us today at (519) 489 2320.

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