Southwest Industrial Rigging on the Savings WrightPlan Makes Possible

Forget the foreman who has to handle multiple subcontractors and trades. With Southwest Industrial Rigging (SWIR), you get  the convenience of a diverse range of services, from their rough terrain cranes to heavy transportation and rigging.

The company, which consists of 4 locations, has spent the last 30 years developing successful turn-key solutions for their clients: and in 2015, US Builders Review named SWIR as one of the Best [companies] in the United States “due in large part to its industry contributions and forward-thinking nature.”

With a number of locations and divisions to maintain, well-organized records are key to Southwest Industrial Rigging’s success, and one of the main reasons WrightPlan’s software caught SWIR Vice President Mike Madge’s attention. In particular, the ability to pull up any job from any location and see its profit and loss statement. Plus WrightPlan would give them one system for managing contacts, quotes, job pictures and more. The system would even help them manage all of their employee certifications and training records, all in one place. This offered the SWIR team a clear picture and overview of their internal and external relationships.

When considering the system, their Business Development Manager, said SWIR “looked at our processes and could see with WrightPlan how much time we would save in the automatic flow of information.” The system integrates the flow of information from quoting to jobs and scheduling through to invoicing. Another feature Mike Madge said is incredibly beneficial for the company.

Since going live with Quotes, the team is now looking forward to much more flexibility and freedom in their scheduling. “Before WrightPlan, we had one master schedule on a white board, centralized in one location,” explained their Business Development Manager. “Now with the WrightPlan, our schedules will be easier to manage, and our people can view them online.”

WrightPlan acts as a powerful communication tool that allows for strong and effective collaboration between teams: and with four locations across the country and multiple divisions, it was important to get all SWIR staff sharing the same platform. Admitting her concern that some of their staff might have difficulty getting comfortable with the new system, their Business Development Manager said “the transition from our old ways to WrightPlan has been smoother and faster than I thought. During the training, even the computer phobic guys were doing well!”

WrightPlan specializes in solutions for millwright, crane & rigging, machinery movers, and construction companies. We have a dedicated staff working to consistently develop user-friendly systems for unique needs, challenges, and teams, as well as a celebrated record of outstanding customer service and real-time innovation. Call us today and find out how we can help streamline your process!

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