Posted Mar 31st, 2020

Canadian PM - Justin Trudeau

Pictured Above: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'Donald Ducking' out front of Rideau Cottage 

The announcement comes on the heels of a marathon, two-day Zoom chat between Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and leaders of some of the nation’s top pant manufacturing companies.

The $1.2 billion stimulus package is good news for an industry that has been hit exceptionally hard in recent days by the COVID-19 crisis.

Earlier last week, pant manufacturers were notified that their sector had been deemed ‘non-essential’ by the Canadian government – a decision many believe was made based on the ‘pants optional’ dress-code being adopted by millions of Canadians now working from home.

When pressed for comments, the Pants Party expressed a range of emotions.

“The whole thing is really disappointing,” said Don Cuff, CEO of Trousers-R-Us. “To know that Canada doesn’t value our product – the thing that everyone wears uncomfortably for 8 hours and then takes off the second they get in the door – is depressing.”  

“I’m still feeling blindsided by it all,” stated Doug Pewter, Manager of Doug’s Dungaree Emporium & Waffle House – the wildly popular clothing-restaurant-fusion chain taking simple Canadians by storm. “None of us anticipated a world in which working pantsless would be considered heroic instead of disgusting.”

“This money comes just in time,” burped Chet Stevenson, CFO of Pant Jemima. “We were on the brink of our very own pant-demic, and doing everything we could just to push pants out the door. We even tried selling ‘arm pants’ but…people figured out pretty quick they were just Chambray shirts.”

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