Posted Dec 7th, 2020

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In 1991, the founders of Omega Morgan launched a rigging and machinery moving business, with the goal of providing higher levels of service in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, they've grown to over 300 employees strong, servicing Oregon, Washington, Alberta, and everywhere in between. As one of the most respected names in the specialized moving industry, learn why Omega Morgan uses WrightPlan to manage its front-end operations.

Outgrowing old systems

Omega Morgan’s journey with job management solutions is a familiar one: with growth came the need to implement structured systems as manual processes just couldn’t keep up.

After attempting to use the tools built into their Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), they quickly realized it was ill-suited for the nuances needed to manage a crane and rigging business. To make due, they elected to add a cloud-based solution for quoting, along with a bolt-on solution to their ERP — something a little closer to their work management needs, but still not an exact fit.

“Quoting accuracy was our first big issue to address,” says Randy Thorderson, director of IT at Omega Morgan. “Our cloud solution was fast for our Estimators, but it wasn’t integrated with our ERP or the Work Management bolt-on, opening the door to improvisation and shortcuts during quoting.”

Dissimilar systems made it difficult to capture and review the assumptions used during their quoting process, and without proper integration, they had to manually transfer quotes into their ERP. Needless to say, Omega Morgan longed for a more holistic, centralized solution.

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“WrightPlan’s software speaks our language. It’s designed for exactly our industry...all the parts are already in place.”

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Addressing inefficiencies

Since 2018, Omega Morgan has worked with WrightPlan’s comprehensive construction management software to improve visibility, accountability, and execution of their engagements from start-to-finish.

“We wanted to be able to quote, execute, and Invoice all in the same system, allowing us to manage the work as a single stream of information,” notes Thorderson. “Before, our disparate solutions and workflows made this very difficult.”

Designed to address the inefficiencies in running a crane & rigging, millwright, and machinery moving company, WrightPlan’s all-in-one software features:

 customer & vendor management;
 quoting & estimating;
 dispatching & scheduling;
 tracking & reporting;
 and field data collection
 WrightPlan is configurable to meet the unique needs of each of its customers.

Working with WrightPlan’s industry experts directly, the software was implemented in phases, allowing for sustained learning, short-term milestones, and the uninterrupted flow of Omega Morgan's day-to-day operations. 

Implementing best practices

“We asked a great deal of the WrightPlan Team, and they have been very responsive,” boasts Thorderson. “We had developed some nice workflow efficiencies in our previous cloud solution for quoting, and WrightPlan was very receptive to those ideas and concepts. They took the ideas and pushed them even further with their expertise and best practices. The team has been simply wonderful to work with.”

Whether by sharing best practices, scheduling on-site training and seminars, or providing top-tier, live-support, WrightPlan’s experts ensure customers get the most out of their product. 

“WrightPlan’s software speaks our language,” assures Thorderson. “It’s designed for exactly our industry, so we don’t have to custom design a square peg into a round hole. All the parts are already in place.” 

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