Posted Feb 24th, 2021

Buyer Beware

When it comes to finding a software solution to help manage your business, don't settle for less. 

There are plenty of persuasive options on the market, yet few of them address the specific needs of the crane, rigging, and machinery moving industries.

From popular accounting systems offering all types of bolt-on modules, to bare-bones equipment rental & job tracking apps — businesses opting for these cheap, out-of-the box solutions, are unaware as to how ill-suited they really are. Before long, they find themselves struggling to fit square pegs into round holes; managing the data of multiple solutions, for multiple departments, using duplicate data entry practices and manual intervention.

They feel handcuffed — having invested time and money into tools they've either a) outgrown, or b) found worked well for one department, but struggled to make ends meet in another. 

The good news is that purpose-built ERPs like WrightPlan can integrate seamlessly with your business's current software or legacy system (systems that haven't evolved). This allows you to preserve your system of record, while also bolstering support for targeted areas of your business.

Here's how!

APIs to the rescue

What are APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces are a set of functions and procedures that allow web-based software & mobile cloud applications (like WrightPlan) to:

  • connect with other software and legacy systems;
  • adapt applications to support new business processes;
  • and scale to support more users, data flows, and interactions.

How does WrightPlan use them?


"The most popular integration we make is with accounting systems," notes Ryan Wightman, Lead Developer at WrightPlan Inc. "All the work our customers do in WrightPlan, they need to be able to export that data to their preferred accounting system — quickly and without error." 

"The bonus," adds Wightman, "is that your accounting team gets an accurate reflection of expenses as soon as they're recorded. Your employees aren't stuck waiting weeks for paperwork to come in."

Construction/Logistics Management

"An API-forward approach allows us to connect with a variety of backend systems, not just accounting. With our services, we're capable of integrating with a number of widely-used construction and logistics management systems — all of which is facilitated by custom programming that sits outside of WrightPlan, sharing data securely between the two."

In what ways do WrightPlan users benefit?

"Many ways," jokes Wightman. "One that stands out for me is 'flexibility.'"

"A lot of times our customers will want to keep a portion of their company on an existing legacy or ERP system, move their Operations people to WrightPlan, and still have vital data flow between the two systems. With our software and the help of APIs, we can make it happen."

Other benefits include: 

  • Reduction in duplicate data entry.
  • Reduction in typos or clerical errors.
  • Zero manipulation of data between systems ('consistent handling').
  • Information gets updated in real-time.
  • Faster invoicing.
  • Easy export and transfer of company and customer data.

Want to learn more about our software? Contact us at sales@wrightplan.com, take a tour of our software here, or book your free demo now!

What is an API?

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