Keep track of all your customers and deals in one place with the WrightPlan CRM Feature.

Say goodbye to sticky notes and filing cabinets.

The more you know your customers, the better the experience you can create for them during each and every interaction. From storing contact information, to tracking follow-up tasks, meeting notes and activities, WrightPlan's one stop CRM product allows you to keep all that important customer data organized and accessible.

 Improve Customer Relationships

WrightPlan makes customer data accessible to all of your reps, from one location, so no matter who is talking with the client, they will always get the best service.  

 Track Leads

Track your conversations with a prospect in the activity log and assign tasks to yourself to follow up. You can keep track of your leads from the interest stage to becoming a customer.

 Help Management

Management can check out the history of a sales rep’s activity in the CRM, to see if the team are meeting their goals.

WrightPlan CRM Software Product

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