The WrightPlan Mobile App allows you to submit information from the field directly into your system from a smartphone or smart device.

No more lost paperwork!

Optimize your workflow and get important information from the field to the office quickly and efficiently. The days of chasing paper-trails and tracking down employees are gone! Plus, WrightPlan guarantees full functionality even offline. Once connectivity is restored, your information is then sent.

 Collect Employee Hours

With WrightPlan, your field workers can submit their hours from the job on their smartphones or tablet, saving idle time and boosting productivity.

Complete Checklists Onsite

WrightPlan’s Mobile Data Collection gets your safety checklists and tooling lists out of the way from the field.

 Get Customer Sign-offs

Get a customer’s signature right on your smartphone and submit it to your host WrightPlan system.

WrightPlan Mobile Data Collection Product

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